Sunday, November 26, 2006

Experiment: No I in Abyss

This experiment is best performed with a partner.
Set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour to be together.
During this time neither person is to use the words "I" or "me". Have a conversation without the use of these two words.
It is no good to sit in silence. You may choose to complete a small task together such as baking cookies or playing cards. Something that will force you into a vocal exchange.
If someone "breaks" by using one of the taboo words, simply acknowledge the break and resume the experiment. Keep track of how many times a break of this nature occurs.
This experiment may be conducted for longer periods of time, it can make a long car trip with someone rather interesting.
You may perform the experiment solo as well, but it will have the tendency to be socially awkward. If, however, you have the cojones, then, by all means, try it. Obviously, doing it when you are home alone watching your soaps in the nude is no use. You will need to conduct the experiment during a time when you will have to speak to others.


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