Sunday, November 26, 2006

Self Remembering

Through activity the Being and the personality achieve unity.

Any ordinary activity familiar or not to the personality can become sacred work when the effort arises from the Being. But how do we hand the wheel over to the being? How do we recognize it?

When we are stripped of our personality the Being is what remains. We must devote our attention to the development of raw presence.
The civilized (domesticated) human being has been trained to place the whole of its fleeting attention outside of itself. Civilized humans are in the habit of allowing the attention to wander from stimuli to stimuli.
The first step to developing presence is to train the attention. We must develop the habit of holding something with our attention for prolonged periods of time, more than for the 30 second duration of a commercial, and we must acquire the habit of turning the attention inward.

We could call the ability to direct the attention inward being present, or we could call it self remembering.
There are techniques that can help induce and maintain this state of Being.
As we practice self remembering more and more we will be able to employ it while engaged in any activity.


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