Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something in Nothing

You are alone.

I am communicating nothing to you. Tendrils of life reaching in every direction are seeking confirmation that they do exist. When they connect for a brief moment it seems as if you have
found it at last, what you reached for. What you have reached for in the abyss is the inside of your own face.

You are alone.

Every connection you make with the Other is a brief and fleeting moment in a lonely game of "head, shoulders, knees, and toes". There are tendrils delighting in the game right now, feeling the delight and wonderment in finding oneself in another tangible tendril of somethingness that can shortly fade back into nothingness. There is nothing to do but summersault endlessly inside to out .
There is electricity in the motion of connecting. There is an everlasting existence in nothingness and a reoccurring somethingness.
Each time you are swallowed back into your own voidness you wish you would have done more in the somethingness. At this time it is likely that the nothingness out weighs the somethingness and the only way to create more somethingness in which to dwell is to keep reaching for those other tendrils while you are something...
At present the odds are against you. But don't let a few heartless words from a little something fading to nothing slow you down.


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