Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Art of Teaching

To teach is a subtle art. It involves a transfer of energy and data from one Being to another, where both are enriched in the process. There can be no "teaching" that is purely a transfer from one to another where the first experiences a loss or no change.
For a circuit to function, there must be a flow of data current through all the parts in the circuit.
We have all experienced the tired teacher, teaching the same subject he has taught for years, bored out of his mind, saying the same words that he has said a million times. That "tired teacher" is no teacher at all for he is not teaching. He is going through the motions, as if he is teaching. He gives the appearance of teaching and the students (sometimes) may find a way to give the appearance that they're learning, but there is no real current. That "tired teacher" is no longer a carrier of a real current and can't truly teach anymore, not in that state.
For a teaching to occur, the teacher must be learning. The teacher must be learning before he teaches. The teacher must be learning after the teaching session. But most of all, the teacher must be learning DURING the teaching session.
Within the Real Teaching space, there is no room for closed minds, for sealed private circuits. Everything must open up once again, fresh and new and ready to begin the voyage, as if for the first time.
When the Teacher stops learning, the Teacher stops Teaching.


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