Thursday, November 30, 2006

Experiment: Two Points of Presence

For this experiment you will need a potted plant or stone and your trusty timer.

Sit on the floor in lotus position, or as they said in my politically incorrect pre-school days, "Indian style". Place the plant or stone on the floor approximately three feet in front of you. Set your timer for five minutes.

Your hands should be resting on your knees palms up.

Gaze at the plant or stone in front of you. place all of you attention on yourself as if you were gazing inwardly at yourself. Invoke your presence. You may help this along by saying, "I invoke the presence of my presence into the present."

When you feel that you are in contact with yourself split you attention between your own presence and the plant or stone. You will be gazing inwardly at yourself and outward at the plant or stone simultaneously.

Maintain this state of attention for the duration of the five minutes.

You may wish to perform this experiment daily for a predetermined number of days; for example: three, seven, or thirteen.


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