Thursday, December 14, 2006

Experiment: Let the Body Lead

You will need to find a quiet undisturbed space where you will have privacy.
Begin in a standing position and place all of your attention on your left hand. Hold it in front of your face so that you can see every line in your palm. Study it with the care and affection you would employ in beholding the face of your true love.
Feel your hand becoming infused with life. Allow the fingers to move first, then the whole hand. It is alive, let it go where it wants to go. Let your newly awakened hand explore.
Follow it with your body. All of your life, your hand has been your servant and you have hardly noticed it. Now you will serve your hand by helping it to explore and enjoy this newfound life.
As your hand guides you through the space feel the life spreading into your arm. Feel it tingling. Let it spread slowly into your whole body. Feel your whole body come alive. Your body has long been a silent servant. Now let it lead the way. Move with your body. Do not try to control it, do not think of ways to move it, let it move you.
Let your body tell its story with motion. Take as much time as is necessary.
Eventually, feel yourself slowing down and gently come to a stop.


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