Monday, December 11, 2006

Nothing New Under the Sun

What is an original idea?
What can you find here that you could not find elsewhere?

Probably nothing essential.

The essential data is to be found in numerous incarnations.
The differences you find here are the product of evolution, the quarks of this generation.
The original data has undergone a process of digestion.

You see, we ate the teaching, just as our teachers ate it and regurgitated it back into our hungry consciousness, tweaked- enhanced with the flavor of their guts.

Each human processor is a nodal point, a place where multiple patterns converge forming "new" configurations.

Life relies on regurgitation.
The original data is being transformed; the body of God flayed and fed to the disciples entrusted with the art of digestion and regurgitation of the message, the data, the code of life.


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