Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Namer and his Sister

The consciousness that "names" functions only within the realm it has named.
If it cannot name something, that thing can not exist within that realm. In this way, consciousness creates and then becomes trapped within the structure it has created. The Creator is a prisoner of the Creation.The only possibility for being rescued lies with that other consciousness left outside the walls of the city of the named. The Namer will not be able to see its unnamable and therefore invisible sister. She is not secondary to the Namer, she is other than he.
If the Namer becomes aware of her presence outside his walls, he may fear her. She is after all unknowable to him. To allow her to enter would threaten the structure of the realm, the way that the unnamable interacts with the named is unpredictable, buggy, viral, and full of life.
When they cohabit, a new living language is developed, a circuit is formed between the Namer and the Unnamable and a New Kingdom is born.
This is the way to unchain the Namer and the Unnamable.
Together, they form a true Free Builder.The structure is ruled by their word, but their word is not subject to the structure.
They are then free to roam from structure to structure in an endless act of lustful incestous love and…


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