Monday, December 18, 2006

Nowhere To Run

There’s nowhere to run. Just as in a video game, or a dream, there will be an illusion of having moved from one space to another, but in reality the character has never escaped the screen or the dreamer. As a character in a dream you may change shape, or the shape of the space, but that which pursues you may do the same. What was a horrible monster becomes a family member you’re willing to confront, a family member you avoid confronting becomes a bone gnashing beast.
The only way to end the endless chase is to face that which pursues you. Slay it, or embrace it, one way or another its waters must mingle with yours.
Then something will open up to the new upgraded character: a new playing field.
The way to advance is to seek no advancement or retreat. Remain receptive.
That which pursues you is both cause and effect.


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