Thursday, December 21, 2006

Allowing the Storm to Pass

There is no need to confront every minor irritation head on. Doing things that way will prevent you from getting much else done and only causes the irritation to spread.
Just as you should not scratch a rash, you must not tickle your psychosis. Work around it, or work through it, but avoid working against it.
Our climb up Jacob's ladder must always be sideways and in a sequence of unpredictable zig zags.
Wherever we put our attention, that element will grow. Remember that our attention is the instrument for tickling and keep it stimulating the desirable habits.
The placement of attention is an actual flow of strong, tangible energy, flowing from you into anything on which you place it. As the flow of energy is mantained, the thing grows in energy and power.
So work through subterfuge and distraction. Move quietly through the nightime of the sleeping machine habits and keep your attention shining on the path ahead.


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