Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What does an immortal being do?

Secure in the belief that it exists and will continue to exist forever, what would it want to do?
It does not have the same biological impulse to reproduce that possesses mortal bodies.
It needs no future generation to replace it.
It has no desire to seek others of its kind, what would it need them for?
With eternity spread out around it there is no hurry to do anything.
Will it seek love?
It is likely to bask in its own existence to the point of vanity with no desire to move.
Whole and perfect.
Until it has a doubt.
A doubt that manifests as a physical sensation.
An irritation triggered by something from outside that then grows within.
It must be pushed, it must be bothered, or it will never embark on the Great Adventure.
Left to it’s own devices, an immortal being does nothing.
Nothing but observe and wait.


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