Thursday, December 28, 2006

Teachers and Truth

A moment comes when you must make a choice. It is not as simple as choosing truth over illusion. After all, truth wears illusion to be apparent. The choice is subtler.
The choice is in how much we will pay to hold the magic. The payment must be real, drawn from the purse of the heart.
Giving up comforts grudgingly makes not a Guru. Making apparent sacrifice to keep up a pious image buys nothing real.
The less you pay the less you receive, the end result being more illusion, less truth.
As the truth inhabits the apparent it feeds upon it eating it from the inside out. This is transformation. What lives in the end is truth sprung from illusion.
But if your heart is greedy for the illusion, it will withhold its richness and starve the truth. It may be a slow or a sudden shift from opening to withholding or from withholding to opening.
We can never judge accurately the state of another, it is our own heart, our own transformation that we must consider.
For this reason only so much responsibility can rest with the teacher and the school.
Techniques and methods may be introduced, support offered, but the individual makes the effort.
Therefore the best teacher and the best school can produce the worst student, and the most inept teacher in the most inadequate school may produce a great magician.


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