Thursday, January 04, 2007


What will happen once we have opened the heart to our immortal self is unknowable.
When the magic begins to eat us from the inside out we can hold nothing back from it. Both our desirable and undesirable attributes will be digested.
The habits we have formed up to this point will determine the final outcome, not our philosophies.
It is the way that our energy, thoughts, and feelings move through us that becomes crystallized.
Every moment is precious, every opportunity to form a desirable habit is monumental.
When the radiations of the eternal begin to cause mutations within the mortal form, the flow of energy through the open heart moves quickly and with terrible force.
There is no way to "think things through", this energy will be directed reflexively.
For this reason, we must use every opportunity to form appropriate reflexes.
What we have practiced with smaller quantities of energy at our disposal is what will come into action when our fairy tale characters begin to melt.


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