Saturday, January 13, 2007

The First Steps

The first steps must be taken here, in the material.
The material world could be likened to the first level of Mrs. Pac Man. In order to get anything done in subsequent levels, you build skill in the first slowest level.
If you could be magically dropped into the twenty third level without having mastered the first, it would do you no good. You would be killed and thrust out of the game instantly.
It is not making it into a higher state quickly that matters.
What matters is the development of skills that will be useful in any level of game play.
By developing these skills on the slowest playing field you give yourself the chance to develop them fully. Rushing means you will only adapt superficially, you may make it through a couple of levels, but ultimately, as the game moves faster, you will need to be carried by a stronger habit.
The first steps are the most crucial. We will only do as well up high as we do down low.
The way we begin the game is the way we end it.


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