Monday, January 15, 2007

Experiment: Make a Scene

Obtain two toys. You can either borrow them or pick them up at a thrift store.
They should be action figures, dolls, animal figures, something that you can identify with and project your own personality onto.
One toy will represent you, the other toy will represent someone you have a problem with, so pick some toys that reflect these roles.
Choose someone you are afraid of, angry at, envious of, or in some conflict with. Draw a nice warm bubble bath and get in with your toys.
Play out a scene between the toy representing you and the toy representing the other party. Try to remember what it’s like to play. Do it with a relaxed and involved attitude. There’s nobody else watching, it’s just you, so get into it.
Let the toy say the things that are on your mind but try using a "toy voice". Listen to what your toy says. When you’re done, switch toys.
The toy that formerly represented your adversary now represents you and vice versa.
Play out another scene. Listen to what this toy says as you and also to what the other toy says.
As you play, become aware of yourself as both characters.
When the scene is over let go of the toys and relax.


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