Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just Do It

Words do not communicate the way. Only doing can put you on the way.
The teacher can only communicate the way to you by working with you. If your teacher is a musician, you will make music with them.
Making music is not the way, but the teacher can show you the way through the music.
Your teacher might teach you how to make music if you don’t already know how, but the point is not to turn you into a great musician.
The point is to do something together and through the doing you find the way.
If you are already a musician and your teacher asks you to do something differently you might feel offended. You might forget that the teacher’s concern is not whether or not you are a good musician.
In fact, the teacher may not even be a good musician, you could be better, and the instruction given might interfere with the creation of "good" music…
This doesn’t matter. What matters is that the teacher understands the way and can pass it to you by making music with you. The teacher might make music with you because you are a musician, but paint with another because they are an artist.
In either case the teacher is only using an outward form, a common activity, to transmit something subtle- something that can only be transmitted through doing.


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