Sunday, January 21, 2007

Experiment: Bardo Puppets

Find a photograph of yourself and a bell. Cut yourself out and glue the photo to a Popsicle stick to make a little puppet. Use photographs of family and friends to create other characters for you to interact with. Set a little stage, and improvise a puppet show. If you have a video camera record the show, otherwise use a regular camera to take photos of the puppets.
Make the performance realistic and ordinary. Don’t hold back. Build the energy up by pouring intense emotion into the act. When the story feels believable for you, begin to create outrageous circumstances and bizarre situations.
At last, set all other puppets down and focus on your own. Ring the bell once. Address your puppet slowly and clearly. Begin by saying it’s/ your name. Then read the following aloud to your puppet three times:
"O nobly-born... the body which you have now is called the thought-body of propensities. Since you do not have a material body of flesh and blood, whatever may come--sounds, lights, or rays--are, all three, unable to harm you; you are incapable of dying. It is quite sufficient for you to know that these apparitions are your own thought-forms. Recognize this to be the Bardo. "
Read as slowly as possible taking time to completely understand each word. When you have finished reading the text thrice, ring the bell three times.
This completes the experiment.


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