Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pass Go, Do Not Look Back

Don’t look back.
Never grasp for something lost, you will loose more.
Your attention is all you have. If you place it on a misstep you will miss more steps. Acknowledge and accept losses, but keep your attention on your objective. If you loose a little something, your house, your family, a leg, or your life, and you spin around to attempt to recover it, you will lose your way. Loosing the way is a greater loss, it is much harder to recover.
The cosmos is full of entities hungry for our attention, they will do anything to obtain it. We are conditioned to give it away reflexively. We must recondition ourselves to retain it and place it only where our Will places it.
In the end you are destined to loose everything: your house, your family, your leg, and your life, whether or not you loose one or another of these things a little early on in the game is unimportant.
Once you pass Go, all you will have left is your attention, your presence.
If you gave it away early in the game you will be unable to continue. Move forward without fear for what is being burned away as you progress.
That which may remain from game to game is all that you really possess.


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