Thursday, January 25, 2007

Experiment: Dream Life Story Pt 2

Print your story and cut it into little blocks of text.
Collect photos of yourself in various life stages. Look through magazines and surf the Internet for additional pictures that compliment your life story. You may also sketch or paint drawings as accompaniment.
Use the photos, pictures and artwork to create a collage on the inside or outside of an old cardboard box. Strategically incorporate the chunks of text in the collage.
When this is complete, you are ready for the third phase.
Find an old handheld cassette recorder/player, or one of any size. In addition gather three objects with which you can create noise/music.
Record yourself creating either music, or noise that is being created as passionately as if it were music, or a combination of both. Get creative. This is the soundtrack for your story. You will need to be able to play the recording near your story box.
Arrange a space for your story box to be displayed.
This can be in your own living room, or a public space if you can arrange it.


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