Sunday, January 28, 2007

Keep Moving

Keep moving, don’t stop, especially not when you feel lost.
The best method for finding the way when you feel you have lost it, is to keep going. Ignore the question of whether you’re going in the right direction. If you stop when you feel lost, you will remain in the land of the lost.
Through constant motion we become "electrified". This makes us active rather than dormant.
Motion indicates that we are presently "alive", not merely a force with the capacity for action.
The difference between the potential and the actual is critical.
We in the guild of those who make butter from air prefer skill over talent, and persistence above all.
Persist but move creatively.
Like a one of the fremen from Arrakis, you must learn to move without creating a traceable pattern.
When you walk outside the walls the whole world is your enemy. You become the noble born with a thousand enemies. When your enemies catch you they kill you. When you are trapped you are "dead".
Do not let them catch you.
Dance around obstacles, and never give in to despair- however tempting, it is a death trap.
The greatest con ever devised is the trick of making the noble born believe they are already ensnared so that they lay down and die before meeting an actual obstruction.


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