Monday, January 29, 2007

Experiment: Strictly Limited

Here is an experiment for two or more people. Obtain a piece of canvass or poster board, some acrylic paints, pieces of sponge, crumpled sheets of paper, an orange rind, and two lengths of yarn or string.
Each of you will be permitted to make one stroke with any part of your body, three strokes with the sponges, three with the crumpled pieces of paper, one stroke with the orange rind, and two strokes or marks with the lengths of string.
Take turns so that after one person makes one stroke the other person makes a stroke.
Do not make any extra marks on the canvass. Use only the objects described here and make only the number of strokes prescribed.
You may use as many colors as you like.
Make the effort to stay in contact with one another throughout the experiment and progress at a snappy pace.


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