Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Experiment: Once upon a time I died

This may be done solo or with another person. Set up a small altar table with a white candle and a photograph of yourself. You may also place fresh flowers, a bell, or any other objects that you would use in a ceremony for the recently deceased.
If you are flying solo you will need a tape recorder and a tape. You will record yourself reading your last rites. This text may come from which ever tradition you practice.
If you have nothing else that would be the obvious choice, you may find one of the primary readings from the American Book of The Dead online at http://www.slimeworld.org/lrs/clear.html
Lay down near your altar and cover yourself with a white sheet. Cross your arms across your chest. At this point your partner will read you the text you have selected, or you will play the recording.
The idea here is to make the whole ceremony as realistic as you can. Really play the part and be open to the experience.
When the rite has been completed take a moment or two to bask in the sensation before rising. Record all of your observations in detail.


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