Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lesser Advice

To remain awake in the sleeping world is a challenge.
You will not be able to do it all of the time, there are few adepts who can do it even most of the time.
A good rule to follow: While striving to remain awakened, be gentle with yourself and all others. Do not fall for the trap of believing that you are so much greater than all of those drowsy uninterested in ‘THE GREAT” anything peers of yours.
If your attention is energizing a “better than” attitude, it is counter productive.
Being awakened is not in and of itself a “good” or “holy” achievement. Rather it is a useful state if your goal is to take on some lesser, but noble work.
Being awake means that you are aware of yourself as a mechanical mortal creation and because you are aware of this, your biological nature, and your other, lesser, more essential nature, you will be able to consciously move your mechanical mortal creation.
You will be able to work with it.
If you are consciously manipulating your own mechanical mortal creation you will be able establish connections between your own essential nature and that of others, even if they are not aware of it.
Keep in mind, that to be awakened is to be stripped naked and set on fire from the inside out. It is an opening, a controlled deconstruction. It involves both a strong will and an open heart.
This is why a “better than” mentality indicates a sleeping state rather than an awakened state. Our mechanical mortal creations engage in “better than”, whereas our essential nature, being simpler and therefore lesser is not capable of such a distinction.
“Better than” mentality is a reflex of the mechanical mortal creation to prevent an opened, awakened state, because it perceives this state as painful. Therefor our strongest recommendation is that you be kind to yourself and others and stop minding the pain.


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