Friday, February 09, 2007


Do not avoid simplicity.
Consider your essential nature, you stripped of body, thoughts, and feelings. What are we before and after and under our complex mechanical mortal construct?
A pure presence, a voyaging eye, an essential being.
A complex mechanical mortal construct develops to filter light. It is a thicker coating, a mechanism for protecting the pure presence from discomfort.
After a while, because we are initiated into a society that only recognizes the agenda of complex mechanical mortal creations, our creations become more sophisticated, more complex while our primordial presence is neglected.
We develop one and not the other.
But the mechanical mortal creation begins and ends, and what we are left with in between will be a faint flicker if we have neglected to develop it fully. For those who wish to restore life to the primordial presence, the mechanical mortal creation’s lifetime serves as a period of preparation, of work.
As the saying goes: use it or loose it.
The only way to develop it is to move it, or rather, give it something to move: a weight to lift.
Specifically, its significant other, the mechanical mortal creation.
When the activities of the mechanical mortal creation are being driven by the primordial presence this is called an awakened state. That is to say, the mechanical mortal creation is refraining from being over protective, it is opening up to allow the primordial presence to make a move, and for this to happen a real choice has been made.


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