Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome To The Jungle

Once upon a time a strange and beautiful creature walked into a jungle. This creature was immortal, but extremely sensitive and delicate. The creature had hardly been in the jungle for three minutes before it was assaulted by a wild animal.
Because the creature was immortal it continued to exist, but it had been wounded. It wasn’t long before it encountered another, and yet another vicious animal and each encounter left a scar.
The creature developed a full body callus, it’s own armor and claws. Soon it forgot it was immortal. Any other animals it encountered could see only another animal, and after determining whether it was predator or prey relative to their own animal nature, they would interact with it accordingly.
One day death was feeling hungry so he entered the jungle to hunt the animals. Every time his arrow met its target the animals’ skin would fall to the damp earth and a strange and beautiful creature would remain where it stood.
Every animal in the jungle had once been immortal, but they had so thoroughly forgotten their original nature that when their animal skins fell off they thought that they had ceased to be.
Death grew accustomed to filling the jungle with these ghosts, they hung around the forest floor as a mist.
After a long day of hunting he met a dog foaming at the mouth. Nonchalantly he took aim and loosed his arrow. When its dog coat fell to the ground, the immortal creature sprang up and away with great purpose, unlike others of its ilk. Death ran after it filled with curiosity.
“Hey!” he called after it, “How come you aren’t stupefied like the rest?”
The creature shrugged and told death:
“I guess I’m crazy. I have always thought that I was an alien disguised as a dog. I fed the dog to stay alive, but I ate alien food too. Now that the dog is gone, what’s to stop me?”


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