Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Let Mad Dogs Dream

Before going to bed, drink a tall glass of water. Keep a flash light handy if you don’t have a bedside lamp or if turning on a lamp will disturb a nearby sleeper. Have a pen and notebook or your dream journal if you have one.
If you have had a sufficient amount of water you should wake up in the middle of the night with a great need to urinate. When this happens, write all of the dreams you can remember in the journal before visiting the toilet. Then drink some more water and repeat the whole scenario.
A more abrupt but possibly more effective variation involves an alarm clock. Set the clock to go off after every three hours of sleep. Waking yourself up at these intervals makes it more likely that you will recall your dreams, as you will have completed a whole sleep cycle within that period.
When we wake up during the sleep cycle it can be difficult to remember dreams depending on which brain state we were in when the cycle was interrupted.
Using the alarm clock will give you the optimum opportunity for remembrance. When the alarm awakens you record all that you remember.
Try this experiment for a night. You may wish to continue sleeping with an alarm set to awaken you after 6 or nine or 12 hours of rest.
This will allow you to wake up at the right time to remember your dreams.


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