Monday, February 19, 2007

Marionettes Gone Wild - A Game For Two

Phase I
You will be the marionette gone wild, your partner is the commander. You will move your body any way that you like. Dance, wiggle, mime, do whatever you wish.
Don’t limit the way you move, or stop yourself from doing something that you feel like doing. In fact if you feel the impulse to make a certain movement coupled by a resistance from within, you should definitely do it.
Move beyond your resistance.
Be aware of your movements without being self-conscious. This means being to totally present in your flesh without making any judgements.
There is no way to be a critic and a performer at the same time. It is your job to commit to your movements 100%.
At his/her whim the commander will tell you to “freeze”.
Wherever you are, hold the position. Do not readjust yourself or change the position in any way until your commander directs you to do so. The commander will then release you by saying: “good, continue”.
From that point you will resume your act.
The commander should time the exercise to last 9 minutes and may freeze the marionette several times. When the experiment is over the commander will say “break” to conclude the exercise.


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