Sunday, February 18, 2007

Buying Awakening

If you seek a transformation, you must make the efforts on your own. No one can give it to you.
There are those- places, things, and people- that may act as Awakeners, but there are no teachers.
An Awakener introduces a state.
You must acquire the ability to maintain this state of your own accord, by your own efforts.
You may work with an Awakener to become initiated into their way.
Everything has its price.
Keep in mind that the value of the currency is equivalent to the value of what is received.
In other words, you get what you pay for, and American dollars aren’t any good in the higher dimensions.
You must acquire the ability to work in such a way as to produce the appropriate “currency” to pay your way through the chambers you will encounter as you “transform”.
You will only be able to ride on some one else’s coattails in exchange for U.S. dollars.
This will get you out of Kansas, but if you want to progress and become a free mover you will have to begin producing your own currency, because an Awakener can only carry you so far.
Then you must either begin to fly on your own or be marooned somewhere just outside the comfort zone.


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