Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Experiment: Telepathic Contact Tag

Obtain a set of Tattwa cards, or make a set yourself.
You will need a partner for this experiment.
Sit in a chair facing your partner.
Take time to establish a strong connection by simply sitting together (ala contact tag.).
When you are both ready to begin, shuffle the cards and set a timer for 5 minutes. Hold a card up so that you can see it, but your partner can only see the back of the card. While you gaze at the symbol on the card remain relaxed and in contact with your partner.
It is your partner’s objective to identify the card you are holding without seeing it.
After they make an attempt at identifying it, you will show them the card, whether right or wrong, and discard it. You will pull another card and repeat the process.
You should move at a rapid pace, your partner will make telepathic attempts without too much deliberation, preferably suggesting the first impression that comes to mind.
When the timer sounds, switch roles.
Now it is your turn to attempt to identify the card that your partner is holding.
Throughout the experiment remain placid, maintain the contact, and make quick decisions.


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