Thursday, March 08, 2007

Experiment: Fistfull of Joystick

For this experiment you will need $20 dollars in quarters and somewhere to play Mrs.Pac Man, preferably on a sit down table.
Your objective in playing the game will be to first clear the game board edges of pellets, avoiding the large pellets in the corners.
Then clear the center of the board.
Finally get the ghosts to chase you to the big pellets then eat them.
The optimum way is for them to be lined up on top of each other so that you can devour all four ghosts with the least amount of movement.
Do all of this with your first man.
If your first man is killed before completing the board let the subsequent Mrs. Pac’s be killed and start the whole game over.
If you successfully complete the first board with one man, let yourself be killed immediately in the second level so that you can start the game over and play the first board again.
Play the first board, and only the first board, over and over again until you have exhausted your supply of quarters (that’s 80 games). Enjoy!
On the following day play only one game as far as you can get before you see the telltale flash of "Game Over".


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