Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who has Choices Need Not Choose

"Who has choices need not choose.
We must who have none.
We can love but what we lose-
What is gone is gone."

Read the above poem.

The first time you will read it silently to yourself.

The second time read it aloud as you would read it to another person.

The third time read it aloud very, very, slowly placing your full attention on each word and each space between words. Allow excruciating silence.

The fourth time read it aloud quickly and mechanically.

The fifth time, read it aloud in a jumbled order and repeat some words as if there were an echo.

The sixth time sings it passionately.

The seventh time read it aloud with ferocity.

The eighth time read it aloud with gentleness.

The ninth time read it aloud as if it were the last thing you will ever say. Pour yourself into the words without restraint, utilizing any combination of the methods you just experimented with to keep each word tantalizing and alive.


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