Sunday, March 11, 2007

Experiment: The Star

Put all of your attention into your body.
If your thoughts wander, direct them gently back to simply perceiving the body.
Feel it as a new and erotic skin.
Place the thumb of your right hand between the index and middle finger of the same hand.
Use this thumb to draw a large five-pointed star in the air in front of you.
Face east as you do so and "see" the star as yellow. Feel the yellow left behind by your passing finger.
Every movement should feel electrifying. The passing of your hand is leaving the space it occupied charged.
Keep your attention on the physicality of drawing the star.
Draw it slowly and deliberately.
Take note of how many times your mind wanders as you draw the star.
Repeat this experiment once a day until you are able to do this without the mind engaging in other trains of thought.


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