Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Experiment: The Star Part 2

When you have gained some proficiency in drawing the yellow star with presence you will add another series of steps.
Just as before, you will place your attention on your body and facing east draw the yellow star. This time, however, when you have completed the star, draw a dot in its center.
Still using your thumb, draw a line in the air starting from the dot.
Move clockwise drawing the line until you are facing south.
Now you will draw a red star applying the same degree of presence and attention as in the first experiment.
Again place a dot in the center and continue drawing the line from this point moving clockwise until you face west.
Here repeat the process, this time making the star blue.
Continue the line from the western star clockwise and draw a black star in the North.
Finally finish the line, connecting the northern dot to the eastern dot within the yellow star.
You will have encased yourself in a circle having gone from dot to dot.
This outlines the steps necessary to carry out the experiment.

Now for the real instruction; make a special effort to remain present in the spaces between the stars.
Do not rush from star to star.
Keep the movements slow and deliberate.

This is crucial.

Repeat this experiment until you can do it in your sleep without loosing concentration between stars.
Be in every step as if you have no destination nor point of origin, this motion being the only real motion.


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