Monday, March 12, 2007

Pop Weed

You’ll never know what bit you until it’s too late.
Do you really decide what infects you?
What has crept into your consciousness unbidden?

There is no stopping it, something will get inside of you,
something will change you,
make you its host,
attempt to bend you to its purpose.

Things crawl in, things crawl out.

The burning question is: who or what is running your show?

If you sleep through this so called "life", you are a breeding ground for whatever crosses your path, the culture blooming in you is "pop", a weed that will rule you like ice plant devouring the Californian coast.

Where the ice plant grows it is impossible for any other plant to take root. It dominates, pushes other deeper rooted growths out of its way and destroys the cliffsides it inhabits. The cliffs simply crumble without deep rooted plants running beneath their surface.
It eliminates the possibility for life. It occupies space until it slips into the sea, dragging its wasted host down with it into oblivion.

So wonder, are you a carrier of the culture of death?

You cannot accidentally be a carrier of the culture of life for long.
It takes tending.
There are people whose daily work involves removing ice plant and protecting the lupine and sticky monkey flower. It takes attention and an awareness of life to cultivate it.
The little seeds of life may find their way into your soil, but if neglected or merely unnoticed, the grosser, surface dwelling life forms will prevent those seeds from taking root.


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