Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Art of Falling

"Everything existing in the world falls to the bottom. And the bottom for any part of the universe is it’s nearest stability, and this said "stability" is the place or the point upon which all the lines of force arriving from all directions converge." -Saint Venoma

Our natural locomotion is governed by gravity and we will therefore be drawn towards density.
Anyone wishing to travel purposefully through the cosmos must acquire the art of falling. Such a traveler will master the use of electromagnetic energy to defy gravity.
It takes incredible concentration to fall to an intended destination rather than into the first stability that crosses your path.
You must be capable of high functioning in the unstable spaces between stabilities.
The voyager of all space and time must not be attracted or repelled by stabilities. It must be at home in the uncertain. The secret to successful travel is stillness. The being is going nowhere and nothing is coming to it.

You must maintain a state of objectivity, be still, and be able to truthfully say, "I meant to do that", when you come hurtling over the handlebars.


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