Friday, March 16, 2007

Experiment: The Jellybeans

You will need a bag of jellybeans and two cups or bowls.
Wash and thoroughly dry your hands. Sit at a table with your supplies.
Take a moment to become hyper aware of your body. Wrap yourself in your attention, be aware of your body as a whole.
Let your perception of "body" expand to extend two inches above your skin.
Now moving very slowly and maintaining this hyper awareness begin to sort the jellybeans.
Remove the black jellybeans from the bag and place them in one cup, and remove all of the white jellybeans, placing them in the other.
Grasp only one jellybean at a time. Keep your attention on the physical act of moving the jellybean.
Watch your hand move with the jellybean as if that were the whole point, to see just one jelly bean in your hand passing through the air.
Try not to anticipate the cup.
Move in its direction without imagining the final outcome.
You should move ridiculously slowly.
Move as if you are a parody of a person moving slowly.
When you have finished separating the jellybeans, return them to the bag to be eaten/ used again. Store the bag of jellybeans to maintain their freshness.
Finally, wash and thoroughly dry your hands.
Repeat this experiment 3 days in a row.


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