Saturday, March 17, 2007

Being to Being

Being to Being contact flows from person to person in seemingly ordinary conversations. Our most essential nature is Being communicated through every detail of our apparent self. The Being can be imagined as a sun, or central point of light. Our apparent self is shaped by the various ways we are filtering and converting that intense radiation. The apparent self is like a protective shroud around the essential self. The interaction between apparent selves act like couriers bringing packets of life from one Being to another, through the sounds we make, even our appearance. This happens whether all of those present are aware of it or not. This is Invocation.
Being to Being contact also occurs across great distances, and even time. Contact of this nature may flow between individuals who have never met in person or even in theory. It flows between Beings with apparent forms and Beings who are without apparent forms (like those who are apparently dead.) Consider that you are having Being to Being contact with the author of this text, no matter how much time has passed since its writing.
In many cases a person becomes drowsy when the contact flows. Shifting into an altered state of consciousness is not unusual. Alpha and theta states are usually experienced during sleep. Shifting into these states during an invocational interaction can cause the apparent self to believe it should be asleep. In some cases people may be allowed to sleep. In other invocational settings it may be inappropriate. Be aware that we are very receptive to the subtle flow of energies while we sleep, but we can enter dreamlike brain states without actually snoozing. It is a matter of forming a new and unconventional habit of changing states and remaining awake.


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