Saturday, March 24, 2007

Work with what Is

Looking at yourself as you look out into the great illusion around you, it will become apparent that two images are being superimposed onto each other.

One is an amalgamation of all your wishes, your fears, your desires, your repultions... all your habits projected out into the Universe around and fooling you into blind belief.

The other is what is.

As you wade through the great veil of illusion that is before you, you will get glimpses of the Real just behind it.

When you see it, don't reject it.
Don't step away in fear.

It's not what you're used to.
It can't be.

Simply watch it and respond delicately but firmly.
The more delicate you are, the more subtle you are, the more you will slowly develop a taste for the Real.

Don't allow sentimentality to steal you away from the Real.

Transform the Illusion.

Work with What Is.


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