Thursday, March 22, 2007

Experiment: Slow, Slower, Still

Set a timer for five minutes.
Begin to move very, very slowly.
Move so slowly that it would be hard for an observer to track the motion.
After an excruciating minute has passed allow yourself to move at what would be an ordinarily lingering pace.
This will flow observably faster than the initial motion while remaining basically slow.
After a few moments freeze. Begin to melt back into motion. Move as slow and deliberate as humanly possible.
Then break back into an easy pace.
Alternate between slow, slower, and still until the timer sounds.
Keep your attention in/on your body.
Imbue every moment with presence. Imagine that you are a sculpture just coming to life.
The tiniest movement is a terrific feat. It takes all of your will to stir and every relocation of mass, however miniscule, holds you in complete awe.


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