Thursday, March 22, 2007


You must climb mountains to find other mountain climbers.

Milling around the village square gazing at the mountain is not the same as climbing it.
Philosophizing about whether or not the mountain is real only keeps you off of the mountain.
If you wish to climb the mountain you must make the effort.
Approach it and begin climbing, even if you have no gear or guide.

It is when you are already climbing that you will find a good mountain guide.
The real mountain climbers will not be looking for you in the village square. They will be off climbing. If you meet one on the way up they may help you.
If you find yourself in a precarious position out of daring and willingness, a guide is likely to help. Good guides don’t want to see other climbers fall off the mountain.

You need to get up there. Embarking on the journey will bring those things needed to complete the journey out of necessity.

Don’t wait until you are ready.
You will never be ready.

You will either be able to hang in there until you find the help to develop the skills you need to progress or you’ll fall screaming to your death.

If the later is the case at least they will say, "He died climbing the mountain."
Rather than "He was talking about the mountain over a large plate of spaghetti and choked on a meatball."


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