Monday, March 26, 2007

Experiment: This Blog is Heretical

You will need three bowls.
Fill the first bowl with hot water, the second with very cold water, and the third with water of a medium temperature.
(The hot water should be quite hot, but not scalding as you will be submerging your hand in it.) Place your right hand in the bowl of hot water and your left hand in the bowl of cold water.
Count to twelve. Then place both hands in the final medium temperature bowl of water.

Pay close attention to what each hand seems to be experiencing. Each hand will register a different sensation, however they are both subject to the same environment.

Consider that you may not always rely on your highly sophisticated data processor to objectively determine what is what.

If you failed to register an oddity within the triangle above, take a second look.
How much of what is objectively real is being edited out by your human operating system?


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