Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Experiment: The Wizard, the Princess, and the Little Devil

This is an experiment for 3 people.
To do this experiment you will need music and a player, preferably something with a remote control.
One person will dance the part of the Wizard, another will dance the part of the Princess, and the third will dance the part of the Little Devil.
The Wizard maintains possession of the remote control. He will start the music and all three will begin to dance their part.
The Wizard has the ability to pause the music at any point. When he does, the other two dancers must freeze. The Wizard may then reposition the Princess anywhere he chooses or leave her where she stands. The pauses should be only brief, then the Wizard should start the music again.
The Little Devil will try to touch the other two as they all dance. The Princess and the Wizard must do everything they can to avoid being touched by the Little Devil.
The Wizard can use his power over the music to escape and reposition the Princess. If they are touched by the Little Devil they must freeze.
If the Princess is frozen the Wizard must touch her to set her free, and if the Wizard is frozen the Princess must touch him to undo the Devil’s spell.
All three characters should funnel attention into their movements and interactions during the dance. They should avoid trying to win a game of freeze tag.


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