Saturday, March 31, 2007

Follow The Leader

Can you play follow the leader?

It is an essential skill. Can you act without having been the one who issued the command?
Yes this is a useful ability when working with a group, but let’s not confuse it with drinking the Kool-Aid. One of the uses of a group is to help develop the ability to move without being the brains of the operation.

It is useful to our Work to move without waiting for the animal mind to issue its permits. Because the animal is not the one we want running the show. If the animal is running the show, the deity can’t.

Deity can move the body. It can move the body more efficiently than the animal can.

The animal brain should be playing a supporting role and let the deity be the main character.
If you can play follow the leader you will be able to do things that you normally would be unable to do. You will do things that you would not ordinarily be inclined to do because they do not fit in with the animal agenda.

You don’t try to stop the animal agenda.
You just move faster than it.
You play follow the leader.


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