Thursday, April 19, 2007

Parting The Seas

Imagine your torso as a body of water. Visualize it, feel it.
Realize that ordinarily when you throw a stone into the water it will create ripples. If a stone should come hurtling at you it would disturb your waters, the impact would reverberate throughout the body.
Now imagine something that has recently disturbed you, an event or interaction that troubled you emotionally. Perceive that interaction or event as a stone that is being thrown at you.
As it approaches, you will part the seas. Maintain the sensation and visualization of the area from your chest to your navel as a body of water. Imagine that the water is parting, making way so that the stone will land in the seabed without creating ripples.
Hold this image and breath deeply, inhaling and exhaling to the count of six. Begin to make a small movement with part of your body.
As you do so mentally describe the motion to yourself. (i.e. the popcorn exercise). For example while moving your right index finger in small clockwise circles say to yourself mentally, "I am moving my right index finger in a small clockwise rotation."
After doing this for a few minutes allow the waters to close over the stone where it has settled.
Practice this experiment for ten minutes daily for one week. In ten minutes you should be able to run through the whole sequence approximately four times.
In addition, as you go through your day and find that something is eliciting an emotional response from you, apply the experiment to said stone in the moment.

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