Friday, May 04, 2007

Awake Unto Me

For this experiment gather 4 Popsicle sticks.
You will also need a small photo of your own face.

Make a little Popsicle stick person and glue your own face on for a head. You may also draw a head and cut it from paper if you lack a photo.
In a quiet undisturbed space sit with your doll in front of you where you may easily observe it. Place your attention on the doll. Let it fill your senses. Gaze upon the doll as if it were your truest love for approximately three minutes. Feel as if you are open to receiving something back from the doll.
Maintaining this contact, say aloud, "Awake unto me.", three times. Utter the words slowly and clearly as if it may be hard for the doll to hear and understand you. As you speak the words understand them yourself.

Keep the doll in a safe place until bedtime, then place it under or near your pillow while you sleep.

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