Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slippery Fish

Way is a slippery fish.
Squeezing tighter is not better, it will only cause the fish to slip in a descending or ascending direction.
Inner stillness keeps us in the Way.
When we make a sudden move we loose our grasp of the fish. Very easy to do. These moves, they extend in every possible direction, they cover an infinite array of possibilities ranging from obvious to subtle.
There is a first move, and a second, and a third… each one will present itself like a head of the hydra, if you vanquish over one yet another option takes its place.
The challenge is to remember that you are not waiting for a good choice, you are not waiting at all, you are staying.
Because every move is a move out of the Way. Way is remaining, holding, staying, keeping, containing, restraining.
When you feel that you must do something to end the agony of holding the wriggling fish, stop there. There is no good way to readjust your grip. Holding the fish is agony. You want the agony.
Existence is suffering.
There are no good options.
There is no point in changing directions, a point in every direction is like no point at all. Enslavement is hoping to end the suffering. Energy does not cease to exist, it merely changes shape.
Immortality is stillness.
Holding still is horrible until you stop minding the pain and acquire a taste for it.
Then you can help hold up the Eternal Burden of Atlas.

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