Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The scapegoat arises from an attempt to make separate from ourselves some undesirable fear or guilt.
In order to escape that which is inside of us we project it onto some external person, object, or animal. There is only a scapegoat where we demonize some aspect of self and then seek to purge ourselves of it.
There is no escape.
It is you.
You may set some external object of your attention up to take the fall, but one sacrifice of this nature will never be enough.
You will need to kill again and again.
Each expulsion will offer only a momentary release and sense of satisfaction. Every time you pass judgement to secure your own righteousness the division within will widen.
You are the damned.
Each rogue angel that you cast out will have to be collected again before you will be free.
Before you can move on you will have to gather up all of the pieces that you hacked and scattered.
You were persecutor, you were victim, and you must be redeemer.

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