Friday, June 15, 2007

Cosmic Fool

How, you may ask, is it possible for me to carry on accepting everything and rejecting nothing? What an insurmountable burden, how can I be this and that? Hold everything at once?

I can tell you only that God loves fools. The cosmic juggler holds everything at once with attention and balance, in perpetual motion. A balance between the force exerted by the fool and the force of gravity can birth the sun in the heavens.

There is no way to be a performer and a critic simultaneously. To perform requires complete devotion, the absolute commitment of presence and heart to the act at hand.

If you are trying not to drop balls, you are not juggling.
Juggling is catching.

Make the effort to do the thing at hand, never wondering whether you will succeed or fail. Never wonder if you should, if it is best, or necessary. Nothing at all is necessary. There is only true will to take into account. A choice to be artful and manipulate the subtle details for no practical purpose whatsoever, or let everything fall forever unnoticed.

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