Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lights! Camera! Action!

The following experiment is an evolution of the "Posture" experiment. In that experiment you were asked to keep a notebook with you for a total of six days in order to record re-occurring mechanical manifestations. In other words, you kept a log of some of your most habitual gestures and the accompanying moods and circumstances.
At this point you should begin to notice these re-occurring gestures as you are performing them. During the course of a day, whenever you catch yourself in one of your mechanical manifestations, say to yourself, "Cut! " At that you point you should freeze. Then say to yourself, "From the top." And prepare to repeat the scene. Say, "Action." And perform the gesture again.
This can also be done with a partner. The two of you should be familiar with each other's catalog of mechanical manifestations. When one partner notices the other engaged in a habitual posture or gesture they will issue the commands for them.
In either case it is useful to run through the sequence up to three times when showcasing a particular manifestation. When you are finished you say, "Break."

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