Saturday, June 23, 2007

Move Slowly

When things have gone off course and you feel the need to hurry in order to right them, slow down. It is most important to observe rituals of awakening in the moments when the tug and troubles of the sleeping world seem to demand all of your attention. If something must be sacrificed, let go of the dead limb. Do not loose your hold on the vital and delicate stream of immortality to gain a tighter grasp on the process of decay. You will never be able to prevent the death of the mortal creation, it will never truly be safe or comfortable.
The intelligence that has been developed to prolong the mortal creation’s existence will find it difficult to admit such impotence. It will in fact edit out the real in order to seem even more useful than it really is. Its plight is pitiful, destined to die with the mortal creation, frightened and delirious , cowardly burying its head in the sand to preserve the illusion of individuality which it perceives. And it will voice its concerns loudly and desperately, do anything to win control of the nation. It especially uses fear and urgency.
This aspect of self is the drowning man who panicking, drags the able bodied swimmer down. Be aware then that to give your whole self over to its rule is to invest only in certain death.
Be disciplined, move slowly, and don’t give in to its panicked cries. Nothing can be saved by submersing the self in sleep, by identifying with that voice. Move against the resistance, towards the awakened life that the distressed sleeper by nature must be blind to. Strive towards the dark, frightening, uncertain territory with steady measured steps.

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